Hilary Duff Shares The Deets Of Her Recent Engagement To Matthew Koma


It's Friday so I wanted to end the week with a nice AWWWW blog for you! Matthew Koma and Hilary Duff got engaged in the beginning of May, but she's finally giving us the scoop how it all went down

So, it was a random Tuesday night and Matthew was like, "Lets go for a walk." All Hil wanted to do was eat dinner in bed and watch Game of Thrones. But, he was like...come on lets go! So they did.


Then he presented her with a book he said he'd been working on for a while. "It's our story...we're going to forget things along the way, so we need to constantly fill this out so our kids can know our story." I mean like SWWOOOON!

Then at the end there was this little part she peeled open and it her ring. he got down on one knee and said, "I forgot everything I'm suppose to say, you're my best friend."

Literally this is like some straight up Disney Prince move and I am LIVING for it.


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