South Korean Papa Johns Offers Hot Dog Pizza???

Papa John's has been all over the news recently for former CEO and founder John Scnatter...interesting interview where he expressed a certain...unhappiness with the way things are being run in his absence. Who could forget how sweaty he was. or how he admitted to eating 40 pizzas in the span of 30 days, which...oof so much to unpack there. But Papa John's is business as usual despite all of the press good and bad, and some of their stores abroad have introduced a very interesting pie for the public.

Ladies and Gents... meet Papa John South Korea's 'Hot Dog' Pie. Probably the strangest combinations of fast foods I've ever seen! The pizza and hot dog have been fast food rivals for as long as they've existed, but now, Papa John's has brought them together to make a whammy of a pie. It's the only pizza you can order that a marathon can't clean.

PJ's newest, most unlikely marriage of foods has an assortment of strange ingredients, including the hot dog itself, chili cheese sauce, mozzarella, onions, dijon mustard sauce, and - sorry, I started feeling a little dizzy, let me take a break for a second - and pickle relish. It's a lot. I mean, would I try it if I could? Listen, when in South Korea, amirite??

If this is what South Koreans think of us with this outrageous pizza combo? Would you try it?

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