Powerful Artist Hurt Hall Is Out With A Music Video “Left Handed”

Hurt Hall drops an intense song and music video “Left Handed” off his album Fall Baby that is a full on show of Hurt Hall’s artistic talent. As the music progresses, the rhymes become increasingly more metaphorical and deep. The music video is well-directed, featuring seriousness expressed in dark tones and the night life. Hurt Hall talks reality, things he has seen, noticed, or lived through — love one minute and anger the next and the audience loves it.

Hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri, Hurt Hall is a talented rapper and hip hop artist. His debut EP called Community Service includes five unique songs among which are “Clear Eye” and “Ride For Me”. His next release was Fall Baby EP which incorporates serious rapping, clear melodies and powerful beats. The artist has much to share with the world and is doing just that through his boldness and passion.

Hurt Hall spent his teenage years in Florida, living the southern lifestyle, and gaining appreciation for southern groups like TRU and Outkast. His later influences include Beanie Sigel, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Juvenile. Hurt Hall’s music feels like he is dancing above the ground, effortlessly piecing things together and coming up with soulful, raw compositions. 

“Left Handed” is a stunning song that shows the endless potential of the man behind his art. 

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