The Reflex

Born in 2000 but forged in the neon of the most decadent of decades, The Reflex is the Ultimate 80s Tribute Band. The Reflex regularly is found performing across the East Coast, rewinding time to recreate the sounds, look, and intensity of the best songs the 80s has to offer. Step inside the DeLorean for The Reflex’s full-on retro concert experience of all your favorite bands! The Reflex is definitely a band you don’t want to miss especially after being awarded 2019's Best Cover Band award in DC. With their exceptionally high energy show, The Reflex regularly can be found headlining 4,000 - 5,000-person festivals, radio station events, and private parties. So dust off your Jordache jeans, tighten up that fanny pack, throw on your Members-only jacket, slip into some Vans, and prepare yourself* for the sounds of The Reflex: The Ultimate 80s Tribute Band. (*Excessive hairspray and large boombox not included) $12 advance + taxes and fees / $15 door + taxes and fees // all ages // no refunds

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