Rat Fancy with Affliction Kid

L.A. band Rat Fancy takes the stage at The Spot on Kirk! Since their bedroom pop start, Diana Barraza (vocals/guitar) and Gregory Johnson (guitar) have taken their sound to punk/pop new heights. Expect shimmering, fuzzed-out guitars and youthful abandon from their debut LP 'Stay Cool,' released June 2019.

Live, the group is now a heavy-hitting four-piece with Matt Sturgis (Heartworms/Hilary Chillton) on drums and Dan Fernandez on bass.

The four members of Affliction Kid come from a wide variety of punk, alternative, & metal bands from the past couple decades of the Roanoke music scene. They have released two albums, the first being, "Crush That Man, He's Thinking" and their latest, "The High Cost of Low Living."

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