Catherine the Great Album Release

BIO: catherine the great (Catherine Backus) writes good sad folk songs. Objectively good- they've won numerous accolades including 1st place at the Merlefest Chris Austin Songwriting Contest and finalist at the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase. Her latest record, Jigsaw Puzzles & Pink Wine, is truly a solo effort- Catherine played, engineered, and mixed every note on the album. The songs harness feelings of isolation (and occasional solidarity), from a soldier's perspective on D-Day in "Normandy" to the regrettable aftereffects of an ill-timed drinking binge on "Hungover at Dollywood." Born as a Christmas gift to her mother, the title track has quickly become a crowd favorite (though she's still waiting on that Franzia™ endorsement).

The SHE Collective (Songwriters Helping Eachother) is a group of woman-identified songwriters in the Roanoke Valley who strive to uplift each other's work and create safe and supportive spaces for original work by marginalized voices. Formed in early 2019, SHE hopes to continue to make space for more and greater contributions of women in the Roanoke Music Scene.

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