Farmville Detention Center: 16 cases of mumps confirmed

The Immigration Centers of America (ICE) confirms there are 16 cases of mumps at Farmville Detention Center as of June 6, 2019.

ICE detainees in a detention facility are separated from the general population if they were exposed to someone with confirmed, probable or suspected mumps.

This practice continues for 25 days after the most recent exposure is found.

At this time, the ICE Health Service Corps and the Farmville Detention Center medical staff are working closely with the Virginia Department of Health to prevent the spread of infection.

Visitation at the facility has been canceled until further notice, and the facility is not taking in any new detainees.”

ICE uses numerous measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, including an initial medical screening upon arrival and a full medical check-up within 14 days. Urgent care is also provided 24 hours a day.

Click HERE to read the full story from ABC-13 WSET.

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