Man Shot With His Own Gun In Drug Deal Gone Wrong


A man in New Orleans was shot in the leg by his own gun after he tried to rob a drug dealer. Police say the unidentified man approached a 35-year-old man to buy drugs and was not happy when he was turned down.

The two men then got into a vehicle where the suspect pulled out his gun and tried to rob the man he was attempting to buy drugs from. The suspected drug dealer grabbed the gun and the two started to fight over the weapon. The gun went off, striking the gun's owner in the leg.

After being shot, the man ran off and found his way to a local hospital to receive treatment for the gunshot wound. When police arrived at the hospital to speak with him, the suspect initially refused to cooperate.

Officials from the New Orleans Police Department have not released any details about the identity of the victim or the suspect and have not said if either of them will face charges.

Photo: Getty Images


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