Couple Charged After Starving Dog To Death, Another With Bones Showing

A Martinsville couple is accused of starving their dogs to the extent that one was found dead.

Court records show that David Wiseman and Brandi Wiseman are charged with animal cruelty. 

Last month, the Martinsville Police Department said they showed up to the Wiseman's home with a writ to pick up their two dogs, but officers instead found a Chihuahua dead.

A vet confirmed the Chihuahua died from starvation. 

Records go on to show another dog looked starved with his rib, back, and hip bones showing and that there was no food or water anywhere.

Neighbors say the couple hadn't been home for several weeks.

The Wiseman's will have a hearing at the end of the month.

Source:  ABC-13 WSET


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