Leopard Attacks Rescue Worker

Motorcycle Chase Ends Horribly

I was born Robert Anthony Gutierrez, ODM (One Dope Mexican). I began my music career at the age of 16. Once my talent surfaced I became amongst the top few to start the official movement of the early-90's Latin rap/hip-hop explosion through my group, Lighter Shade of Brown (LSOB). LSOB was formed in Riverside, CA, in 1990. I pretty much rapped myself into selling well over 1 million records as an Artist/Producer worldwide along with my partner DTTX. With songs that reached the Billboard charts such as "On A Sunday Afternoon", "Homies" and "Hey DJ", I have clearly confirmed my establishment with a marked stamp in the early-90's mainstream of Hip Hop. "I am for the people, and love putting smiles on their faces everyday over the airwaves. If I can make a difference in someone's life through my life experiences, I'm grateful." Today you can hear me on your iHeart Radio app.


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