New iPhone: According to ABC, the technology website All Things D claims   Apple will announce the next version of the iPhone today. It may include a fingerprint   reader, an improved camera, a more affordable version and different colors.   New Siri voices may also be offered.

- CNN and the tech blog Sonny Dickson claim the new iPhone 5C has a plastic   casing which reduces manufacturing costs by $17 per phone

- Fox news anchor Clayton Morris claims he received a tip that the new iPhone   will be 31% faster than the current model

- and the Daily Mail claim the new iPhone will have two flashes   to improve pictures by adding light and illuminating people

- The Website AllThingsD claims Apple plans to sell gold colored iPhones

- A new study by the Breakthrough Institute reveals that the iPhone uses more   power per year (361 kWh) than a fridge (322 kWh)