1. Game-playing/manufacturing drama. Whether the drama is minor or significant,   men would rather skip it.

2. Expecting the man to pay for everything. Most men don’t mind picking up   the check early on in a courtship, but after a few dates, it’s nice for a woman   to offer to contribute financially — especially if exclusivity has been established

3. Wanting to know ‘where the relationship is going’ before he’s ready to say,   or before he knows himself. Men are frustrated by women who don’t really believe   them when they say, ‘I’m not in a place to have a relationship.

4. Being controlling. Correcting him on little details when he’s got the big   picture right.

5. Not getting enough “guy time.” In ancient cultures, men often spent most   of their time with other men while the women socialized with each other. That,   as we all know, has changed. And it’s hard for some men to accept. They want   their guy time, and it’s rough when women don’t respect that.