Jack Spade

Funniest thing from the Oscars

It came down to a photo finish

When Tigers Hunt

Can you break this World Record?

I bet you he'll never Showboat again

I think he might have lost is Man Card

Jack Spade

I just noticed that trying to write out a bio is more difficult than I thought. I mean where do I begin, how much detail do I give, etc. So I've decided to keep in simple I was born Feb 4th in Kalamazoo. I'm married with kids. I've been in radio for about 15 years with stops in North Carolina, Michigan (twice) and Alabama. If I'm not here at the station, you can usually find me "Garaging" (Which basically means you sit in your garage and hangout) I would say I'm an easy going type of guy(why does that sound like I'm writing a dating profile..see its harder than you think to write a bio). You can always follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just do a search for jackspade316. Talk with you later


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