August 20th



We love Tom Hanks for his movies but now we can love him for his apps too!  Tom Hanks has an obsession for typewriters, he has collected several over the years and still uses them today. He decided to create an app that's a typewriter and it's called Hanx Writer. See what he did there? It recreates the experience of using a typewriter with the sound and paper on your screen! You can even email the document! Choose from a few different typewriter models to customize your look and sound! 

I came across the site Distractify yesterday and 35 minutes later had the most random knowledge and thoughts. Its title is true, you'll get distracted in reading the most interesting articles and lists out there! Who doesn't want to read the 12 Worst (or maybe best) ways to respond to a Sext, or the pictures a guy took from a camera inside his mouth that was facing out, 18 Outdated Wedding Traditions that Need to Stop Immediately, and so many more awesome articles. Distractify has an app too! Say goodbye to the rest of your day!