WHERE IS RYAN SEACREST: So, Ryan Seacrest is on vacation. Where do you think he is?? What exotic vacation do you think Ryan Seacrest is on? Greg T needs to know – where is Ryan Seacrest!?

CHUCK LIDDELL: Greg T was in a bar a few weeks ago and saw a guy get into a crazy bar fight. He was super drunk, but he put up a good fight. When did you get into your bar fight? How did it end? Did you win or get knocked out?!

NEVER RETURNED: Greg T loaned a saw to Web Girl Kathleen 6-7 months ago, and she has never returned it! He has asked, she said she would bring it, but she never has. What have you borrowed and never returned?

SUNFLOWERS: Are you a sunflower hater? Who doesn’t love sunflowers?! WHY??

I’M SICK OF HIM: ok, so, you love your man, but honestly – you’re sick of him! What does he do that you are oh-so sick of?

PARENTS USING iPHONES: Greg T’s Mother has no idea how to use an iPhone. It frustrates him! What are you trying to teach your parents?