Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have taken the dance music scene by storm. Having created the Tomorrowland anthem, some huge tracks that have landed number one on the Beatport charts, and a crazy touring schedule - it's hard to miss these two. We got to talk to them, while in Miami for Miami Music Week, about their plans for new music in 2013, Tomorrowland, and much more! Check out what they had to say:

What are you the most excited for while you’re here in Miami?

Dimitri: Especially meeting up with a lot of friends, catching up. That’s always the main thing here. And for the rest, we’re really curious about the IDMA awards. We got nominated, so did Tomorrowland, so it’s going to be really exciting if we win or not. For the rest, a lot of really great shows. It’s going to be a  fun week.

Who of your friends do you enjoy running into the most?

Mike: Well, it’s always fun to hang around people we work with, especially our management, they guys who run Tomorrowland, and also the artists we work with, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Nervo. We kind of see each other a lot these days.

Dimitri: Yeah, touring together. And then Miami is always just a little bit more relaxed atmosphere.

Mike: Yeah, it’s kind of a holiday, although it’s very hectic this year.

What was it like having one of your songs as the Tomorrowland anthem?

Mike: Crazy, it’s an amazing feeling that you can have your music represent such a beautiful festival.

Tiesto just premiered a new track of yours with GTA “Turn It Up.” Tell us more about that.

Dimitri: Yes, it’s going to be on Tiesto’s label. It’s going to be released in a couple of weeks, and the reaction we’re getting is just unreal. It’s going to be a crazy track – another one!

You’ve played a number of festivals. Which has been your favorite?

Dimitri: Tomorrowland, hands down.

Mike: Hands up!

Dimitri: Tomorrowland is more than a festival. Tomorrowland is a way of life, and it’s just expanding more and more.

Working with so many awesome artists, who has been your favorite?

Dimitri: It’s hard to say, honestly. I mean that’s the beauty of working together with so many people. Everybody has his own view on things, and you learn a lot from each other. And I have to say we’re proud of each and every collaboration we did. And yeah, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Are you guys working on anything new at the moment? What will we hear from you this year?

Dimitri: At this point, we have the luxury problem of not knowing what to release first. I think we have at least ten tracks that are ready, and have to fit in somewhere before the end of the year. And then, the end of the year we’re going to do an album. We need to fill also the Tomorrowland movie with a lot of new tracks. So yeah, it’s too hectic!

What are your plans as far as touring goes? Where are you guys headed?

Mike: It’s a bit more close to home in the summer, in the European summer in two months. Now we still have a little bit of South America coming up, Brazil, another small North American tour which includes Canada. From then on we stay close to home.

Dimitri: And that is the plan, that is until the booking agent changes it completely. The thing is, if you add it up, if I’m going to be home five days, it’s a lot.

Do you guys do a lot producing on the road then, since you’re touring a lot?

Mike: Yeah, just on my laptop.

Since you guys obviously travel a lot together. So who takes the longest to get ready?

Dimitri: He is [Mike]. Technically I need three minutes.

Mike: Yeah, I also like, I’m ready and then I take a nap. But then I’m ready in one minute.

If you had a gigantic speaker and you could only play one song to “turn it up” – what would you pick? 

Mike: I would play “Mammoth,” that’s our latest release.

Can you tell us about that track?

Dimitri: I mean, the expectations with that track, it kind of just blew the expectations away. I mean, It’s been out there for over a year. It really proved me wrong with my theory that you have to move with tracks, but no, you have to wait with tracks! It even leaked a month early on the internet before it was released on the internet. And then it just arrived on Beatport, and we flew to number one in three days, and it’s been there for almost three weeks. It’s WMC and we’re number one! So it’s insane!

Photos by Nicole Mastrogiannis