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Lorde's "Royals" has topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a second week in a row, but the young singer is now facing backlash over some of her lyrics. 

An American blogger on the site has come out calling the hit "deeply racist."  Veronica Bayetti Flores acknowledges that Lorde's intention is to critique wealth and class culture, but writes that Lorde is thinking of "black folks" and "rappers" when she sings about "gold teeth, Cristal, and Maybachs." 

Bayetti Flores says Lorde should be taking shots at activities associated with "old-money folks who actually have a hand in perpetuating and increasing wealth inequality." 

Fans, in the meantime, have taken to Twitter to defend the 16-year-old singer against the racial criticism.  CNN quotes another blogger from her native New Zealand named Lynda Brendish, who is calling the backlash "ignorant."  Brendish adds that "not everything in this world is an instrument of oppression." 

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