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Miley Cyrus has caused quite the stir with her Video Music Award performance, but it remains to be seen whether the behavior will affect her personal life. 

According to "The Mirror," her fiance, actor Liam Hemsworth, is among the many people who disapproved of Miley's twerking on live TV.  Sources tell the British paper that Liam is "mortified" by the way Miley danced with Robin Thicke on stage. 

Apparently Liam is embarrassed by the amount of attention his wife-to-be is garnering, particularly because he wants to be seen as "a serious actor."  

Sources are saying that while Liam cares for Miley, her "racy new look" and, quote, "sort of ghetto attitude," isn't what he signed up for when he popped the question. 

The couple is reportedly still together.

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