Wanna know who you're supposed to marry?  Think about the FIFTH person you had sex with. 



If that's taking you a while . . . you're a deviant, filthy, pervert:  "Um . . . okay . . . let me think . . . wait . . . I know it was in the bathroom at that bar in Cancun, and their name started with a J.  Or maybe a G."



According to a new study, people are most likely to wind up marrying their fifth sexual partner.  At five sexual partners, you have a good amount of experience . . . but not SO much that it can have a negative effect on your relationship.



Beyond just having a reasonable amount of sexual partners, the researchers also found the biggest factor that makes a relationship last is . . . how much importance the man attaches to HONESTY.



Other things that matter are how much importance the woman attaches to money . . . how much both people value a sense of humor . . . and how much importance both of you attach to having children. 



(Daily Mail)