Your mother has devoted every second of her life to you since the moment you were born.  Keep that in mind when you hear this number if you think it sounds like a lot.



According to a new survey, the average woman spends TWO MONTHS of her life on the phone with her mother.



That's an average of three calls a week at 16 minutes each.  So that's 48 minutes a week . . . or approximately 42 hours a year.  From age 18 to 50, that adds up to right around two full months.



The number one subject a woman talks to her mom about is . . . family issues.  The rest of the top 10 subjects are:  Her children, work, health issues, her siblings, what's on TV, money, shopping, friends, and gossip.



The survey found women only talk to their fathers for seven minutes a week.  That's only six hours a year . . . or a total of just eight full days in their lifetime. 



(Daily Mail