The question of how the producers of "Fast & Furious 7" will finish filming PAUL WALKER'S scenes may have been answered.



The "New York Daily News" says that they hired four actors with similar body types, and they'll use CGI to put his face on them.  They'll also dub in Paul's actual voice. 



Nobody associated with the movie has confirmed this.  It came from an anonymous "source".



(If this is true, it brings us even closer to NOT NEEDING REAL ACTORS.  And what happens then?  Jimmy Stewart competing for roles with Tom Hanks?  "Dude, Where's My Car" starring Abbott & Costello?)



(Or what about the remake of John Wayne's "True Grit" STARRING JOHN WAYNE HIMSELF???)



(On the one hand, it would be cool if we never had to have anyone else play Superman but Christopher Reeve from now until the end of time.  On the other hand, who's going to accept all the Oscars?)