Someone put together a map showing the top-selling musical act from each state.  Meaning the state they were BORN in . . . not the one they grew up in.



But it's based on the top 250 artists listed by the Recording Industry Association of America . . . so not every state is represented.



Here are the results:



Alabama:  Alabama


Arizona:  Linda Ronstadt


Arkansas:  Johnny Cash


California:  Metallica


Delaware:  George Thorogood


Florida:  Tom Petty


Georgia:  Alan Jackson


Hawaii:  Bette Midler


Illinois:  R. Kelly


Indiana:  Michael Jackson


Iowa:  Andy Williams


Kansas:  Martina McBride


Kentucky:  John Michael Montgomery


Louisiana:  Tim McGraw


Maryland:  Toni Braxton


Massachusetts:  New Kids on the Block


Michigan:  Madonna


Minnesota:  Prince


Mississippi:  Elvis Presley


Missouri:  Sheryl Crow


New Jersey:  Bruce Springsteen


New Mexico:  John Denver


New York:  Billy Joel


North Carolina:  Randy Travis


Ohio:  Rascal Flatts


Oklahoma:  Garth Brooks


Pennsylvania:  Boyz II Men


Tennessee:  Kenny Chesney


Texas:  Kenny Rogers


Utah:  Jewel


Virginia:  Dave Matthews


Washington:  Kenny G


West Virginia:  Michael W. Smith


Wisconsin:  Steve Miller



The states that were NOT represented on the map are:  Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.



(You can check out the map, here.)