When someone stops on the shoulder of a highway, there'd better be a good reason . . . because it makes hundreds of other idiots slow down for no reason. 



Here's a list of the five dumbest excuses cops have heard from people who pulled onto the shoulder . . .



1.  A guy saw the word "FIRE" on his display and thought it was a warning that his car was on fire.  It was actually the display on his radio showing him part of the song that was playing . . . "Set Fire to the Rain" by ADELE.



2.  Two people pulled over to the shoulder because one of them was negotiating to buy the other one's car.



3.  A guy pulled over because he realized his car insurance policy had expired and he was calling around for quotes.



4.  Some grandparents thought it would be a good backdrop to take photos of their new grandchild.



5.  And finally, a guy stopped because he saw some flowers he really wanted to pick.  (Essex Chronicle)