If I asked you whether people have gotten ruder or more polite over the past few years, you'd say "ruder."  EVERYONE would say "ruder."  But exactly HOW are we getting ruder?



Here are nine stats from a new survey on etiquette in America.  Check 'em out . . .



1.  56% of people say the rudest thing people do in 2014 is text during meals.  23% say it's not letting people off elevators before you get on . . . and 9% say it's saving seats using coats and bags for people who are late.



2.  What polite thing that's fading out should we try hardest to keep alive?  41% say it's men holding doors for women . . . 23% say hand-written notes . . . 13% say taking your hat off indoors . . . and 9% say it's wearing black at funerals.



3.  Only 35% of people think that after someone dies, it's appropriate to send a condolence message via email.  The rest say you need to mail a card.



4.  51% of people say the rudest thing you can ask someone you meet in online dating is how much money they make.  26% say it's asking if they have an STD.  8% think it's "Are you married?"



5.  What's the rudest way to break up with someone?  51% say it's with a Facebook post . . . 15% say it's with a Post-it note . . . 14% say it's with a text . . . and 8% of people say it's over the phone.



6.  70% of people say that being on time actually means getting someplace a few minutes early.  3% say you're on time as long as you're less than 30 minutes late.



7.  What's the rudest thing waiters do?  42% say it's asking, "Are you still working on that?" when you're not done . . . 34% say it's asking how the food is when you just got it . . . and 9% say it's being too friendly.



8.  60% of people say when they're eating out with friends, they always agree to split the bill evenly.  35% of people say they always suggest dividing up the check.



9.  Only 64% of people say they've ever given someone the MIDDLE FINGER . . . which seems really low. 



(Vanity Fair)