Your boss pretty much controls your life.  So it's important that you don't MESS UP when you're talking to the one person who has that much power over your career. 



So "Entrepreneur" magazine came up with a list of seven things you should NEVER say to your boss:



1.  "How do I do that?"  If you don't know how to do something, don't worry about it.  Not right away, anyway.  Just say you're on it . . . you can figure out how later.


2.  "I don't have the time."  No one does.  So make time, and bump your lowest priority a little lower.


3.  "No."  This one's self-explanatory.


4.  "I'm going to HR."  If you have a problem with your boss, find someone who's equal to them or higher up.  Forget about HR.


5.  "It wasn't me, it was that other person."  Pointing fingers is weak.


6.  "So-and-so's an idiot".


7.  "Take this job and shove it."  Not that anyone would ever put it that way . . . but the point is:

     Quit professionally.  Don't burn bridges.