This won't come as a shock, but according to a new survey, men and women have COMPLETELY different ideas of what the "perfect" lingerie looks like. 



Men said they prefer lingerie that's bright red . . . shows a LOT of skin . . . has lace, sequins, and bows . . . and a garter belt.  Shocker!



Women's ideal lingerie is COMFORTABLE . . . either white or black . . . with underwear that's big enough to hide their backside . . . and a bra that's not too tight.



Apparently women DO know what guys want.  They just only wear it on certain occasions.  84% said they have at least one set of SPECIAL lingerie that's skimpier than what they normally wear.



The survey also found that 76% of women don't WANT men to buy lingerie for them, because they're bad at it.  Which is fine, because 63% of men hate buying it.  But 67% of women admitted they don't even think about what their guy might LIKE when they're picking it out for themselves.



The one thing men and women AGREE on is coordinating colors.  Both said the bra and underwear should definitely match. 



(Daily Mail / Female First)



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