Throughout the entire history of human interaction, women have always known they have to be careful about givin' it up too quickly.  Conventional wisdom says sex on the first date means there ain't gonna be a second date.



Well, prepare to have your mind BLOWN . . . because a new study says that's not true.



A sociologist named Philip Cohen at the University of Maryland found that sex on the first date has NO EFFECT on whether or not a guy will call you again.



He found that MOST dates don't wind up turning into relationships . . . and if two people DO wind up in a relationship, there are WAY more factors at play than when they had sex for the first time.



Quote, "The decision about when to have sex is arbitrary and doesn't affect anything.  All that matters is how much the couple like and are attracted to each other, which determines how many dates they have, and whether the guy calls."



(The Society Pages)