Of all the things that are virtually GUARANTEED to cause road rage, a guy doing 40 in the passing lane on a highway might be number one.  And the state legislature in Georgia knows it.



The Georgia House of Representatives just approved a bill that would make it ILLEGAL to drive slowly in the left lane of a highway or interstate, if there's a faster driver behind you . . . even if that driver is going ABOVE the speed limit.



Under the law, anyone in the left lane would need to move right when a faster car comes up behind them.  If they don't, they'd be eligible for a MISDEMEANOR for slow driving and face a fine.



The biggest problem would be enforcement.  Basically, a cop would have to see it for the person to get busted.



The state rep who came up with the bill is Bill Hitchens, a Republican from Rincon, Georgia.  He says, quote, "My reason for doing this is more for an educational opportunity for people.



"You're not supposed to ride 55, 60 miles-per-hour in the left lane when you've got 15, 16, 17 people lined up behind you.  That's the spark that ignites road rage." 



(Atlanta Journal Constitution)