The shooter in Roanoke County is now in custody.

He is now being taken to the Carillion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

Charges are pending.

Officers say he was on top of the Starlite Motel near Melrose Avenue - officers say they saw him with a rifle when they got there.

After about five minutes they say at least one round was fired.

They say when the suspect was taken into custody they did not find a fire arm on him, but they did find two on the roof.



Melrose Avenue near Peters Creek in Roanoke is closed right now after a report of a man with a firearm near the Starlite Motel. Roanoke police confirmed that shots were fired, but not by police.

Police say multiple shots were fired, but no one, at this point have been injured.

Melrose Avenue are shut down including the intersections of Melrose and Westside and Melrose and Peters Creek Road.

Employees and customer of Advance Auto Parts have been told to remain inside the store.

Police are asking people to stay out of the area.

A tactical team is on the way as well as several emergency responders.


This article will be continually updated.