Here are some new things to worry about . . .



1.  Tax cheats are spreading.  In a new survey, 12% of people say it's okay to cheat on your taxes either a little bit or as much as possible.  That's up from 11% last year and 9% in 2008.  (Yahoo Finance)



2.  Women can have painful, day-long "engorgements" too.  Everyone knows the erectile dysfunction ads that say, "If it lasts more than four hours, tell your doctor."  Turns out long, painful engorgements aren't just for men.



There's a rare case in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine" about a WOMAN whose love button was engorged for more than a day.  It was BRUTALLY painful and she couldn't walk.  But somehow doctors cured her using a decongestant.  (???)  (LiveScience)



3.  Fracking causes gonorrhea.  The fracking process breaks rocks in the Earth to free up oil.  It's a revolutionary source for oil, but potentially bad for the environment.  Now, it's also horrific for fracking workers' JUNK.



When a fracking rig pops up in a remote area, the workers have a lot of money and NOT a lot of choices in women.  So they take any hookers that come to town . . . and that's led a 32.4% increase in STD rates in counties with heavy fracking.  (Vice)