With toddlers, you mostly worry about them falling down or swallowing stuff . . . not burning your HOUSE to the ground.  But on Saturday morning, a woman in Louisville, Kentucky was trying to put out a small fire.  And the closest water was in her dog's bowl.  So she grabbed that and threw it on.  Which was a good idea, she THOUGHT.



What she didn't know was that her three-year-old daughter was the last one to fill the bowl.  And instead of water . . . she'd grabbed a nearby GAS CAN, and filled it with GASOLINE.



So when the women threw it on the small fire, it immediately turned it into a RAGING INFERNO, which then spread to her neighbor's house.  Luckily, no one was hurt, and the fire department was eventually able to put it out.



Now, some people online seem to think the mom is making the whole thing UP, and covering for arson or something.  Apparently the police are looking into it.



Or if she's telling the truth, she obviously shouldn't have had a can of GAS just sitting around with a toddler in the house.



(WAVE3 / Yahoo)