The CEO of Granite Telecommunications in Massachusetts is a guy named Rob Hale.  And he recently joked with an employee that he'd donate $10,000 to cancer research if the guy would shave his enormous beard.



And that idea sparked an even BIGGER one.  Because the next day, another employee said he'd be willing to shave his HEAD for a $1,000 donation.



Now, six years ago, Hale's father was a cancer patient at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  So Hale got into the idea, and promised to donate $1,000 for EVERY employee who was willing to shave their head.



Over a HUNDRED employees signed up to do it, so he upped the offer to $2,000.  Then his mother Judy said she'd MATCH that.  Plus, the company decided to donate $1,000 per employee.  So in other words, $5,000 per head.



And on Monday, Hale brought in barbers to the company's headquarters, and 428 employees . . . including Hale . . . had their heads shaved.  They raised $2.1 MILLION total.



Also, all the women with hair longer than 10 inches donated it to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for cancer patients. 



(WCVB / Yahoo)