These days, movie nudity equals OSCAR CRED.  More and more, people are being rewarded with Academy Award nominations for stripping down.  Here are 14 actors who fall into that category . . .



Leonardo DiCaprio gets naked a lot in "The Wolf of Wall Street".  They even had to cut down the sex scenes to avoid an NC-17 rating.  Leo's reward?  A Best Actor nomination.



Julie Delpy showed off her 44-year-old cans in "Before Midnight", and she's up for Best Adapted Screenplay this year.



Colin Firth swims naked during the opening credits of the 2009 film "A Single Man", and was nominated for Best Actor.  But he WON that Oscar the following year for "The King's Speech", in which he DIDN'T strip.



Sacha Baron Cohen wrestled another man naked in "Borat", which earned him a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination in 2007.



Brad Pitt showed his butt in "Twelve Monkeys", and got nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1996.



Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams all got nominated for "Brokeback Mountain" in 2005.



Denzel Washington showed his buttocks in "The Hurricane", and went to the 2000 Oscars with a Best Actor nomination.  He wouldn't win Best Actor until 2002, for "Training Day".  But he already had a Best Supporting Actor win for "Glory" in 1990.



Edward Norton's prison shower scene in the 1998 movie "American History X" earned him a Best Actor nod.



Halle Berry got naked and took it ENTHUSIASTICALLY FROM BEHIND from Billy Bob Thornton in "Monster's Ball".  As a result, in 2002 she became the first African-American woman to win Best Actress.



Kate Winslet gets naked a lot . . . and she gets nominated for Oscars a lot, too.  Nudity equaled Oscar love for Kate in "Titanic", "Iris", "Little Children" and, finally, "The Reader", for which she won her first trophy in 2009.



Kevin Spacey showed his ass in "American Beauty" and won Best Actor in 2000.



Geoffrey Rush showed his backside while jumping on a trampoline in "Shine".  It won him Best Actor in 1997.



You know that old wives' tale that guys are afraid to fight other guys who are naked?  Well, in the 2007 movie "Eastern Promises", two guys attack a naked VIGGO MORTENSEN in a Turkish bath.



And what ensued was a violent, bloody, 3-minute fight scene that Viggo did entirely in his birthday suit.  It made him a Best Actor nominee.



WILLIAM HURT was nominated for Best Actor in 1998 for "Broadcast News", a movie in which he showed his butt.



(Check out the list online here.)