Some people call it pop, others call it soda, and still others call it coke-cola. It all depends on where you live! 

Here are some other "Regionalisms" -- Which do you Use?

1. Lollipop or sucker?
2. Sub, grinder, or hoagie?
3. Tennis shoes or sneakers?
4. Hair tie or hair thing (the elastic band that holds a ponytail)
5. Dinner or supper?
6. TP'ing a house, or rolling a house?
7. Water fountain, drinking fountain or bubbler?
8. "By accident" or "on accident"?
9. Take-out food or carry-out food?
10. Lightning bug or firefly?
11. Standing in line or standing on-line?
12. The end of a loaf of bread: Crust, end or heel?