Kanye West reportedly punched an 18-year-old man yesterday in defense of his fiancé Kim Kardashian. Supposedly, the man directed racist and inappropriate comments at the couple, which prompted the aggressive assault inside a Beverly Hills chiropractor waiting room.

The man at first seemed to be polite, even holding the building door for Kim while the paparazzi circled the celeb. Then the man proceeded to shout out some rude comments at the photographers, which totally brushed Kim the wrong way. After telling the man that his remarks weren’t cool, he seemed to completely flip.

He then began criticizing Kim calling her a “[N-word] lover”, along with other disrespectful insults. As the verbal attacks escalated, Kayne came to Kim’s rescue and began an altercation with the man. Kanye proceeded to PUNCH the guy after he retreated into the chiropractor’s office.

After the assault, Kanye fled the scene when the police were called. The instigator reportedly wants to press assault charges against the new father, who is already dealing with a charge after assaulting a paparazzi at LAX last year.

Source: Getty Images